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Career Spotlight: Business

What Can You Do In The Business Field With A Sociology Degree?



Sociology, with its focus on groups, organizations, and human interaction is a natural complement to business. And, it is a degree that is increasingly well received in the business world. Without a good understanding of others, co-workers, superiors and subordinates, customers, competitors, and all of the roles that each play, it is nearly impossible to succeed at business. Sociology is a discipline that enhances a business person’s ability to manage these relations.

What a lot of people do not understand is that you must ultimately learn to read the interests of those important to the business before they actually tell you. This means you are always in a learning/researching mode, constantly observing and making notes of the patterns of these people. Sociology provides you with the tools and perspectives necessary to do this part of the work.

There are many possibilities in the business world for those with a sociology degree. Depending on your experience and skills, jobs could range from sales associate to business analyst to human resources to marketing. Students interested in business careers with private or non-profit firms can emphasize courses in law, occupations and professions, corporate sociology, or the sociology of work.

Skill and Experience Requirements

The skills and experience required for a business career will vary depending on the specific job you are seeking. However, besides the coursework in sociology, it is also a good idea to have a general understanding of business concepts and practices. Having a few business courses under your belt, or even receiving a double major or a minor in business is also a great idea if you know you would like to pursue a career in business.


The salaries for business jobs vary greatly depending on education, experience, skill level, and the job you are performing. Salaries also vary by location/city and type of business.

Search for jobs in business or other sociology careers in your area.


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