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Ashley Crossman

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Ashley Crossman is a sociologist and writer whose passion is making sociology simple, understandable, and fun.


During graduate school, Ashley taught several undergraduate sociology courses, including Social Statistics and Modern Social Problems. After completing her doctoral degree, Ashley worked as a health care analyst for several large companies. She developed appropriate methodologies for projects, designed surveys, analyzed and interpreted data, and assisted with manuscript development. Ashley has had several articles published in peer-review sociology journals.


Ashley holds a Bachelors degree in sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder as well as a Masters degree and Ph.D. in sociology from Arizona State University. Her areas of emphasis during graduate school were social statistics and the sociology of health. Her primary research interest is adolescent obesity, with additional interests in parent-child relationships, substance abuse, and cultural re-immersion for returning war veterans.

By Ashley Crossman:

I love the field of sociology because it surrounds us in our everyday lives and relates to so many different things. It is such a rich and vast subject that can be looked at from many different directions. Whether you are a sociology major or a student taking an introductory course in the subject, my goal is to provide useful information and resources to further your understanding and appreciation of sociology.

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