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Sociology March 2012 Archive


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For Teenage Girls, Losing Weight Does Not Mean Higher Self-Esteem

Friday March 30, 2012
A sociology professor at Purdue University has found that when white obese teenage girls lose weight, it does not guarantee that they are going to feel better about themselves. The ... Read More

Sociology Definition Of The Week: Mode

Wednesday March 28, 2012
The mode is the category or score with the highest frequency in the distribution. In other words, it is the most common score, or the score that appears the highest ... Read More

Hunger Policies Should Target Neighborhoods, Not Families

Monday March 26, 2012
According to new research from sociologists at Rice University, policies that address childhood hunger should target neighborhoods, not families. Researchers found that children living in neighborhoods with higher poverty rates ... Read More

Book Spotlight: The History Of Sexuality

Friday March 23, 2012
The History of Sexuality is a three-volume series of books written between 1976 and 1984 by French philosopher and historian Michel Foucault. The first volume of the book is titled ... Read More

Sociology Definition Of The Week: Median

Wednesday March 21, 2012
The median represents the exact middle of a distribution so that half of the cases are above it and half are below it. It is the middle case in a ... Read More

Social Media As A Research Tool

Monday March 19, 2012
In the past, sociologists have had to rely on large-scale surveys, interviews, or observations to study societies. These can all be costly, logistically challenging, or may not provide for a ... Read More

Tough Economy Linked To Delays In Marriage

Friday March 16, 2012
According to a Pew Research Center survey released last month, young adults ages 18 to 34 said that the tough economy has influenced decisions such as marriage and parenthood. Men ... Read More

Sociology Definition Of The Week: Mean

Wednesday March 14, 2012
The mean is the best-known and most widely used measure of central tendency. It is what most people call the "average." It is used to describe the distribution of interval-ratio ... Read More

Marriage An Important Survival Tool For Heart Patients

Monday March 12, 2012
A new study out in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior finds that marriage plays an important role in heart patients' survival. Specifically, married adults (regardless of gender) who ... Read More

More Baby Boomers Entering Old Age Single

Friday March 9, 2012
Demographers at Bowling Green State University have discovered a trend among baby boomers in which more and more are progressing into old age without a life partner. Over the past ... Read More

Sociology Definition Of The Week: Sampling

Thursday March 8, 2012
When conducting research, it is almost always impossible to study the entire population that you are interested in. As a result, researchers use samples as a way to gather data. ... Read More

Men In Female-Centric Jobs Compensate By Doing More ‘Man’ Chores

Monday March 5, 2012
A new study in the American Journal of Sociology shows that men who work in jobs that comprise of mostly women tend to spend more time at home doing "male" ... Read More

Friendships Positively Influence Religious Behavior

Friday March 2, 2012
A new study to be published in the summer issue of the journal Sociology of Religion shows that friendships developed at church positively influence religious behavior as well as beliefs. ... Read More

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