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Sociology December 2011 Archive


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Sociology Definition of the Week: Unit of Analysis

Wednesday December 28, 2011
One important idea in a social science research project is the unit of analysis. The unit of analysis is the major entity that you are analyzing in your study. It ... Read More

Marriage Rate in the U.S. at a Record Low

Monday December 26, 2011
A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that barely half of all adults in the United States are married, which is a record low. Researchers used data ... Read More

Statistics Spotlight: Structural Equation Modeling

Friday December 23, 2011
Structural equation modeling is an advanced statistical technique that has many layers and many complex concepts. The purpose of structural equation modeling, or SEM for short, is to attempt to ... Read More

Sociology Definition of the Week: Inductive Reasoning

Wednesday December 21, 2011
Inductive reasoning works the opposite way as deductive reasoning, moving from specific observations to broader generalizations and theories. This is sometimes called a "bottom up" approach. The researcher begins with ... Read More

It's Moms Who Burn The Midnight Oil, And Not Just Around The Holidays

Monday December 19, 2011
Probably not surprising to any mom reading this, a new study conducted by sociology professor Sarah Burgard at the University of Michigan found that even when both parents work the ... Read More

Flexible Workplaces Promote Better Health Behavior And Well-Being

Friday December 16, 2011
A new study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior shows that working in a flexible workplace can improve employees' health behavior and well-being, including a rise in ... Read More

Sociology Definition of the Week: Deductive Reasoning

Wednesday December 14, 2011
Deductive reasoning happens when a researcher works from the more general information to the more specific. Sometimes this is called the "top-down" approach because the researcher starts at the top ... Read More

Working Moms Multitask And Are Less Happy Than Working Dads

Monday December 12, 2011
A new study published in the December issue of the American Sociological Review shows that working moms juggle multiple roles at once, and they are unhappy about it. While this ... Read More

Statistics Spotlight: Survival Analysis

Friday December 9, 2011
Survival analysis, also known as event history analysis, is a class of statistical methods for studying the occurrence and timing of events. These methods are most often applied to the ... Read More

Sociology Definition of the Week: Response Rate

Wednesday December 7, 2011
In a survey, the response rate is the percentage of those selected in a sample who actually provide data for analysis. The response rate is crucial in survey research because ... Read More

Is The Pressure to Publish Too High?

Monday December 5, 2011
In September of this year, a social psychology professor at Tilburg University in the Netherlands was fired after an investigation revealed he had falsified, lied, and invented data in more ... Read More

Sociology Career Spotlight: U.S. Census Bureau

Friday December 2, 2011
Sociology majors are usually required to take at least one statistics course throughout their coursework. For those that enjoy statistics and take more than the one required course, working at ... Read More

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