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Sociology September 2011 Archive


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Sociology Career Spotlight: Police Officer

Friday September 30, 2011
A sociology degree is a very useful and relevant degree for any career in the criminal justice field. Police officers are one great example of this. One way that a ... Read More

Sociology Definition of the Week: Marriage

Wednesday September 28, 2011
Marriage is a socially supported union involving two or more individuals in what is regarded as a stable, enduring arrangement based at least in part on a sexual bond of ... Read More

Parenthood Accelerates Weight Gain According to New Study

Monday September 26, 2011
A new study in Social Sciences and Medicine found that adults with children gain significantly more weight over the life course than those without children. The researcher, a professor of ... Read More

Marathons, The Economy, And Social Media

Friday September 23, 2011
Registration for the Boston Marathon opened last week - were you lucky enough to get in? Perhaps the more important question we should be asking is "What has led to ... Read More

Sociology Definition Of The Week: Ethnicity

Wednesday September 21, 2011
Race and ethnicity are two terms that are often used interchangeably, however they are two distinct concepts. While race is an assigned social category based on certain characteristics, ethnicity is ... Read More

Alarming Facts From The Census Poverty Report

Monday September 19, 2011
A new Census report on income and health care has been released in which there are some alarming facts. For starters, the U.S. poverty rate reached 15 percent in 2010, ... Read More

Sociology Career Spotlight: Business

Friday September 16, 2011
Sociology, with its focus on groups, organizations, and human interaction is a natural complement to business. And, it is a degree that is increasingly well received in the business world. ... Read More

Sociology Definition of the Week: Feminism

Wednesday September 14, 2011
Feminism is a complex set of political ideologies that emerged out of the women's movement in hopes of advancing the cause of women's equality and to end the sexist theory ... Read More

The Effects Of Cohabitation On Children's Lives

Monday September 12, 2011
A scholarly report just released titled Why Marriage Matters: Thirty Conclusions from the Social Sciences includes new findings on the impact of cohabitation and divorce on children and families. New ... Read More

Sociologists Aid In Food Security Programs

Friday September 9, 2011
Food aid experts and sociologists will soon be working together to examine food consumption habits across Mauritania, West Africa. The goal of the study is to get information that will ... Read More

Sociology Definition of the Week: Race

Wednesday September 7, 2011
Race is defined as a social category or social construction that we treat as distinct on the basis of certain characteristics, some biological, that have been assigned social importance in ... Read More

Women Gain Weight After Marriage, Men After Divorce

Monday September 5, 2011
A new study shows that marital transition can cause weight gain differently for each gender. That is, women tend to gain weight after getting married while men gain weight after ... Read More

Cancer Rate Disparities Among Races And Classes

Friday September 2, 2011
According to recently released data from the American Cancer Society, cancer is more deadly for African Americans than whites and Latinos. Further, those with less education are also more likely ... Read More

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